Studio 65

 Welcome to Studio 65

Helping you succeed in the new digital era

 Welcome to Studio 65

Helping you succeed in the new digital era

Studio 65 is a full-service digital transformation agency in the heart of the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, we are a reliable ally in seamlessly integrating these cutting-edge technologies into your efforts, taking your organization to new heights in the digital age. Our team is committed to understanding your unique challenges and delivering tailored programs to amplify your voice and expand your reach in the competitive online landscape. With an office and multimedia studio in downtown Laconia, you can count on us to create targeted solutions that bring your message to the right audience, at the right time, in the right form.


Expand your reach and engage your community with the right digital marketing solutions and strategies that convert into results.


Stay on brand with high-quality content. Master a multi-channel approach to ensure your messages reach the desired audiences.


Jumpstart growth by developing your employees' skills and tracking their progress. Provide learning activities that keep your teams engaged.


Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and stay at the forefront of innovation. Harness new technologies to optimize your operations.