Studio 65

Our Story

Studio 65 was created out of a collective vision to make digital transformation accessible to small businesses and non-profit organizations in New Hampshire. Under the slogan “Digital for the Rest of Us,” our mission is twofold. We deliver high-quality, cost-effective digital marketing, communications, training, and AI solutions while creating opportunities for local professionals to participate in the creative industry.

Meet the Team

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Managing Director

Carlota Almeida is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional and a copywriter at heart. Starting in PR, she found her niche in Digital Marketing and is a passionate storyteller. With a BA in Media and Communications and international experience across Europe and the United States, Carlota blends global perspectives with local flair in all her strategies. 

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Video Editor & Animator

Dustin Young is a skilled video editor with nearly two decades of experience. Self-taught from a young age, he’s honed his skills in his professional experiences crafting compelling and engaging videos. Currently pursuing a BA in Graphic Design, Dustin is curious about new technologies, trends, and techniques, having also developed animation and augmented reality skills.

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Videographer & A/V Technician

Saige Wheeler is your friendly neighborhood videographer. A proud wearer of many hats  – Videographer, A/V Technician, Web Developer… –  they’ll make all your visual dreams a reality. A Plymouth State University graduate, and the eyes behind the cameras covering local community events, Saige is fully immersed in the world of audio-visual magic.

Our Partners

Agency Head

Jayme H. Simões founded Louis Karno & Co. in 1999, growing it to serve over 30 clients with strategic communications. He received the Advertising and Public Relations Award from the New Hampshire Travel Council twice and was past president of PRSA-Yankee Chapter. Jayme has lent his expertise to numerous local and statewide nonprofit boards, including the Concord Chamber of Commerce and the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire. He is a seasoned public speaker at PRSA events and international conferences.

Studio 65 is a member of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.